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Stop Giving Excuses for Your Irresponsibility – Social Welfare Metro Director to Parents

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The Metro Director of the department of Social Welfare in Cape Coast, Mr. Daniel Wallace Acheampong has expressed worry over the upsurge of irresponsible parenting within the metropolis.

In his opinion, cases brought to his table by some parents about reasons they cannot cater for their wards only suggest such parents are just being irresponsible and giving vain excuses to neglect their responsibility.

He revealed that between January and August 2018, “the CCMA, department of social welfare and community development handled about 132 child maintenances cases alone and they normally cite unemployment their bases”  He said he personally sees it as “irresponsible parenting.”

“Over here the rate of irresponsibility is very high because I don’t see why you have a parent who can even spend unnecessarily on themselves but do not provide for their children, can we assign poverty to this of course some of them don’t have jobs but they themselves they eat so why don’t they find something small for their children?” He questioned

The Metro director also attributed some of the reasons to illiteracy and selfishness especially on the part of men who divorce their wives. “My colleague men are very selfish; when they divorce they give their children to their new wife and he the father ignores that child and caters more for the woman’s children”

He has therefore admonished parents to prioritize their wards concerns, by giving them what they need to be better people in the Society. He explained that, there is no excuse for parental negligence adding that, any form of irresponsibility on the part of parents in taking care of their children contribute to the growing menace in our societies.