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Public university bill, operationally suppressive – PROF G.K.T. ODURO

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The immediate past Pro Vice Chancellor of University of Cape Coast has described the Public University bill 2019 as “ridiculously completed and operationally suppressive.”

At the launch of the 56th SRC week celebration of University of Cape Coast, Professor George K.T. Oduro said the proposed bill has the tendency to kill academic freedom and autonomy of public universities. He therefore is urging students to study the bill and make their input devoid of political expediency.

Professor Oduro indicated that for Universities to actualize their full potentials and contribute meaningfully to the development of the nation, there should be a conscious effort to stifle political influence permeating into the administration of public universities.

Partisan polarization is fast permeating every aspect of our economic sector to the extent that even universities that are supposed to be a-political by nature are being threatened by political interferences and manipulations.”

He said political pronouncements, agitations and manipulations characterized by tensions associated with the removal, appointment and restoration of Vice- Chancellors, in the cases of the University of Education, Winneba and the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, provide evidence of the extent of partisan party interferences which are fast eroding the academic freedom and autonomy of universities.

Speaking on the theme, “University Students as Pioneers of sustainable National Peace and stability”, Prof Oduro said it is only when students speak for the voiceless, move beyond partisan politics in their actions that sustainable national peace and stability can be assured. 

He said it is unfortunate to see students manipulated by politicians such that they are not able to form a formidable force to champion their interest.

According to him, it is about time, students rise against partisan politics and embrace unity.

Prof. Oduro indicated, “Student unity is now threatened by political party infiltration; student welfare has been subjected to political party welfare and subjected to the social diseases of self- centeredness, disunity, individualism and violence.”

He said what students are not conscious about is that politicians are the beneficiaries of a divided student movement and advised them to rise above such retarding influences from political parties.


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