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“Using English As A Medium of Instruction in Schools Has No Colonial Connotation” – Prof. Yaw Afari Ankomah

Prof. Yaw Afari Ankomah speaking at his inaugural lecture

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The language of education in multilingual societies like Ghana has always been a matter of concern to educators and educational planners.

The situation becomes severe when the official language of the nation is different from any of the indigenous languages leaving a controversy over which language to use in school, especially at the lower primary level in multilingual societies.

A Professor of Educational Planning and Leadership at the University of Cape Coast, Professor Yaw Afari Ankomah believes Ghana’s school language policy on education, is better placed to address these challenges.

According to him, if the school language policy is implemented to its full capacity, Ghana will be able to produce a crop of students who have equal mastery over their native language and the official language. 

Prof. Ankomah made the statement in an interview with the media after delivering his inaugural lecture at the University of Cape Coast on Thursday on the theme, “The struggle between rhetoric and implementation in Ghana’s school language policy: common sense in the balance”.

He said, it is important for schools to place equal importance on ensuring that the English language is used effectively in teaching just as the local dialect.

According to him, encouraging the use of the English language as a tool of instruction has no colonial connation but rather helps in making students better fit to compete and communicate effectively on the international scene.

He said the controversy over which Ghanaian language to use as an official language needs to be avoided. He indicated that attention must be directed towards building on the use of the English language and personalizing it as a national language aside the many local dialects that exist in the country.



Prof. Yaw Afari Ankomah in group picture with his family after his inaugural lecture at the University of Cape Coast