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“Ghana Needs Complete Reform Of The Law School Curriculum” – Prof Atuguba

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A senior lecturer at the Faculty of Law of University of Ghana, Prof Raymond Atuguba has emphasized that Ghana needs a complete reform of the law school curriculum to improve the study of law as an essential field for the development of the judiciary.

Aside the need for reforms in the study of law, he also pointed disconnect of some Ghanaian laws with the reality of situations making the law, in a number of instances, not entirely a transformative tool for society. According to him, the entire legal system in Ghana has not been given the needed attention.

Prof Raymond Atuguba made this statement in a speech he delivered at the Rev Fr. Bonabom Memorial lecture organized by the Law Students Union of University Cape Coast in honour of the late Rev Fr. Bonabom, under whose chairmanship the Law Students Union was established.

Speaking on the theme “Staying through the fundamental Principles of the learned Fraternity” Prof Raymond Atuguba explained that in order to bring about a positive development in the nation, the law school curriculum must be given a second look.

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“Everyone in Ghana knows that we need a complete reform of the law school curriculum. We need a complete reform of the teaching methodologies in the law faculties and schools. We need regular updates of these and also of standard text books as the law changes”.


Group photo after the event

He indicated, the legal fraternity is in desperate need of fresh perspectives to bring positive results within the legal system. He said the challenges facing the legal fraternity today does not lie in the ethical practices of its members but rather a fundamental flaw the system has come to accept.

He, however, stated that there can be a positive change in the legal system when more transformative and productive approaches are adopted.

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“The problems the legal fraternity faces today have almost nothing to do with ethics or being ethical. The focus on being ethical within a fundamentally damaged system that is unjust and unfair is an exercise in perdition. If we are completely honest with ourselves, we would agree that being unethical in a fair and just system will produce better results than being ethical in a fundamentally unjust and unfair system… For what will it profit the legal profession to be ethical in unjust and unfair world? We can see some turn around towards more transformative and productive approaches. But anyone can see that not enough is being done.”

Source : ATL FM NEWS / Claudia Mensah