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Major Mahama trial: “I am uncomfortable, I am not capable;” Juror begs

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There was drama at the Accra High Court Monday when a juror, nominated to hear the case of 14 persons charged with the murder of Major Mahama begged to be excluded.

The juror was almost in tears when he said, "I am uncomfortable, I am not capable".

At the hearing last Thursday, the court could not get the full complement of the jury as series of rejections by the accused persons left the court with a six-member jury - one person short of the required seven.

This forced the court to adjourn proceedings as a request was made for more Jurors from the Judicial service. 

One of the six selected last Thursday, presented a letter at Monday's proceedings to the court begging to be excluded.

This left the court with five Jurors.

Two of the three individuals brought by the Judicial Service to be nominated also said they were uncomfortable with joining the panel.

This left the court with no choice than to accept only one of the three brought by the service which still left the court with one juror short of required seven.

Trial Judge Mariama Owusu adjourned proceedings to April 25 as she indicated another request will be sent to the Judicial Service for more jurors.

Source: Joy News