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After a series of bugs plagued iOS 11, Apple reportedly decided to slow down on adding new features to iOS 12 in order to focus on improving performance and stability. In general, that strategy seems to have worked, with multiple sites reporting that iOS 12 runs faster on nearly every supported iPhone and iPad, even five-year-old devices like the iPhone 5S.

Samsung has trademarked the name “Samsung Buds” in Europe, reports SamMobile, indicating that we could see a pair of new earphones released from the manufacturer soon. The application doesn’t give many more details than that, leading some to speculate that we might see a pair of true wireless earbuds, Bixby-focused earphones, or a combination of the two.

Comcast beat Fox in auction for European media and telecom company.

Comcast on Saturday won an auction to purchase Sky, the UK-based media and telecom company, with a $40 billion bid that topped an offer from 21st Century Fox. Sky on Monday recommended that its shareholders accept the offer from Comcast before a deadline of October 11.

One of the iPhone’s most useful 3D Touch features is the ability to turn your keyboard into a trackpad while typing, and with iOS 12, this functionality is coming to handsets without Apple’s pressure-sensitive technology.

The Ghana Robotics Academy Foundation (GRAF) has released the competition calendar for the Robotics Inspired Science Education (RISE) competition for students in Senior High Schools and Colleges which starts on Friday, September 28 at the Pastoral Centre, Tamale.

Jack Ma, the rags-to-riches entrepreneur behind Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba, plans to hand over the reins at the company he co-founded nearly two-decades ago.
He said on Monday, his 54th birthday, that he will step down as executive chairman next year, ushering in a new era for the $420 billion company that has grown from a web page run out of Ma's apartment to a top global tech enterprise.

Samsung has announced the 2018 Galaxy A7, its first smartphone with a triple-lens rear camera, following in the footsteps of Huawei’s excellent P20 Pro. However, this is a Galaxy A series phone, not a Galaxy S, so it’s not going to challenge the Huawei phone in terms of outright speed and ability. Instead, it will be slightly more affordable route into the world of three-lens mobile photography.

The earliest adopters of Bitcoin — the libertarian anarchist “cypherpunk” crowd — were mostly men.

Today, roughly a decade after Satoshi Nakamoto’s famed white paper was released, the majority of cryptocurrency holders are still men.

This poses a problem for the companies betting on the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency.

If you’re the kind of person who has two beers and regularly launches into the same 20 minute-long ode to the original PlayStation for playing a seminal role in the maturation of gaming as an art form, well, do we have some news for you.

Sony just announced its intentions to give the PlayStation the (winning) Nintendo Classic treatment with a tiny to-scale version of the PS1 called the PlayStation Classic.

The teeniest new console is scheduled to hit shelves on December 3, retailing for $99.99.

Sega announced on its Twitter account today that the release of its Mega Drive Mini, a miniature version of its classic console, would be delayed until sometime in 2019. The Mega Drive Mini’s release was originally slated to coincide with the console’s 30th anniversary in Japan, but its global availability was unknown. Now, the company has confirmed that the miniature console will be released as the Mega Drive Mini in Japan and Europe and as the Genesis Mini in North America.

Google is providing 911 operators with more accurate location information from callers using Android phones. The company has partnered with T-Mobile and emergency technology companies RapidSOS and West to send location data from its Emergency Location Service to 911 call centers when an Android user places an emergency call. The centers will get more precise location estimates when Android users call. 

YOU may not realise it but there’s a digital war waging and you — and your privacy — are right in the middle of it every time you go online.

FACEBOOK and other digital companies routinely track your online surfing habits to better target ads at you.

Now, two web browsers want to help you fight back in what’s becoming an escalating privacy arms race.